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Modernity meets Baroque.

Exposed baroque wall surfaces run through the entire house, making the origins of the house palpable and lending patina to the new rooms.

Great importance was attached to preserving the original elements. For example, oak floorboards, historic doors and sandstone walls have been restored with care.

The theme of en suite bathroom areas creates a noble openness in the rooms, allowing them to be experienced in their spatial generosity.

Nevertheless, one encounters charming wit throughout the house: the holiday caricatures by the artist Sabine Euler deal with topics such as "family holiday dilemmas" and add a humorous perspective on our lives of travel!


High Baroque

If you stand on the market and turn your gaze to the south side, the magnificent baroque building at number 9 immediately catches your eye. Two sandstone wall pillars resting on large bruisers support an ornate portal with the golden sun, the building's emblem. The gate is so large that carriages and wagons could enter the former hotel "Goldene Sonne". 

The building of the "Sonne" has gone through an eventful history. Initially, in the 17th century, a beer yard with guest rooms was operated on the site of today's hotel. In 1710, the house was rebuilt in its present form and became the most distinguished hotel in Zittau at that time. Although there was already a coffee shop in 1744, the name "Sonnen-Café" only appeared around 1870. Later, artists are said to have given concerts here.

The house was revived with respect to this history and still bears the name "Hotel Sonne".


The Restaurant Horschel caters

not only hotel guests with culinary delights.

At the moment we are only opening the restaurant for reservations - feel free to get in touch with us!


The seminar room and the outdoor terraces also offer the possibility to organise workshops, celebrations and events.


We look forward to your visit in the

German-Polish-Czech border triangle!

The Hotel Sonne is looking forward to your visit in the
German-Polish-Czech border triangle!

The Sonne is awarded 4 stars and offers you a barrier-free stay in historic Zittau.

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